Update on next year: schedule, freshers, competition

Hey all

Just to let you know I’m currently in the process of working on the schedule for semester 1 next year – how exciting! Can’t believe how fast last year went, so I’m trying to pack in lots of stuff for this year, including some things we did last year (often with a twist) as well as some new ideas for weekly meetings. If anyone has anything they’re burning to do in a workshop, please email gucreativewritingsociety@gmail.com and it’s likely I’ll try to do a session on it! 

Generally the pattern is that semester 1 is mostly about different forms of writing and the creative process and semester 2 we build on that by focusing on various genres and modes (gothic, science fiction, erotica, fantasy etc), although these will of course overlap and we always go off into interesting digressions about film and genre and our favourite books anyway. I’m also hoping to do a repeat of our successful Flash Fiction February and a number of competitions and group projects and that sort of thing, to get you motivated to write! 

I’m also looking for bright-faced volunteers for fresher’s week in September. You only have to do an hour if you want to, or more – the more the merrier (if we can fit everyone behind our tiny wee stall haha). I’ll make a doodle poll later in the summer to sort out people’s times etc. 

Finally, remember we have a short story competition due in at the beginning of August so please get your entries in to our normal email along with your student number :) 

Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine!




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